Monday, December 12, 2011

The Copenhagen Male Study and Cancer Prevention

We have heard for many years that physical exercise prevents cancer, but it is not until recently that it has been totally and definitively been proven by researchers that this is correct! We know exercise helps but medical proof about this has always been a bit bogus because in order to be accurate the research had to be performed over a couple of decades. The impact of something like smoking was very clear compared to the effect of exercising.

 The Copenhagen Male Study, a very important study last year found that standard exercise can help prevent intestinal cancer. It analyzed the cancer exercise habits of over 5000 men over a span of 23 years. Making this one of the most essential study in history. These men were divided into four different levels of exercises - from those who didn't worked out to those who worked out a lot.

The connection between exercise and the development of cancer has turned up the research some interesting outcomes. First of all it was discovered that those who exercised moderately had a stronger resistance to acquiring the disease later in life. The head of the study, Dr. He believed that moderate physical activity appeared to strengthen the immune center according to the head of the study Dr. Inge Haunstrup Clemmensen from the Cancer Foundation in Denmark

The minimal physical exercise played an crucial part in avoiding all cancers of the digestive tract, but especially intestinal cancer and esoophagal cancers, the study revealed that. Really,exercise was effective towards prostrate and lung cancer it was also showed during the study.

One of the explanations for this was that physical exercise activated the intestinal tract to move it’s contents through the bowels even more. This phrase pertains to cancers that happen “Death begins in the colon.” You have probably read that phrase. Its because of putrefied old food and impacted feces that are never taken out of the body. You need to keep moving, it speeds up the digestive process and cancer causing agents are not allowed to fester and create problems, that seems to be the idea.

Sedentary lifestyle and bad diet, experts estimate that one third of deaths can be attributed to the two mentioned. A regular regimen is so important to get into.. A conditioned and fit body is much less prone to disease of all kind.

It is also not a wise decision to work out too hard. You can actually cause the immune system to be reduced if you exercise every day in a way that requires a great deal of exertion. You sometimes seem to cleanse or not feel well after a big exercise, if you are any kind of sportsman, you have probably already detected that. This can be partly due to picking up viruses because your immune system is not as effective.

You do not have to be a muscle builder or consume exhaustive hours in the gym to avoid esophageal and colon cancers and that's the great news. All you need to do is go walking or ride the bike two or three times a week and then also do some kind of weight bearing exercise twice a week. In our environment there are poisons that can cause cancer, exercising will keep your body a little more resistant to those poisons.

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